Kinetic Sculpture: “The Evolution of Flora”

(Update: This piece has been selected to participate in the 11th annual “Art on the Streets” competition in Colorado Springs this summer. It was one of 13 works chosen this year from a record number of submitting Artists from across the country and abroad. The opening reception is scheduled for 6/26/2009.)

This sculpture was entirely hand formed and fabricated from just a few of the most basic steel elements, those being steel sheet, rod and pipe. Standing at about 11′ tall, as you move up the undulating trunk it diverges into two large branches. From these branches emerge a number of smaller branches that move outward and support both leaves and large “flowers” that also resemble propellers. From these branches, all of its “flower-pellers” spin, and its leaves flutter, in the slightest breeze, (as the “flower-pellers” are balanced and spin on bearings, and the leaves are hinged to their respective branches).


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