Jason Stillman

2001 E Cortez Dr

Gilbert AZ, 85234

phone: 480 235-2769




9 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I saw the “Boys with Tree on Water #2” on etsy. I’m more interested in the painting than a print but wanted to know if the blue shows up on the painting. It looks really washed out on etsy compared to your prints here.

  2. I really loved your work. I posted some images on my blog (with subltitle that indicated your site), to ilustrate some texts I have.

    I found it really fantastic. Beautiful.
    Keep the good work. 😉

    (Sorry for my bad english :s)

  3. Hi Jason,

    I absolutely love your work! I had the pleasure to visit with your mom and dad again (all be it under difficult circumstances with Nick’s passing), but we had a hell of a time and were able to catch on much. Your patents kick butt!

    Janet suggested that I check out your work because I still have the plaster baby casting in my garden and often think of what more you have created.

    My question is, is it possible to get a large print of “the wait”? I live in Orange County but would be happy to pick it up. Please let me know.

    With love for you and your family,

    Kelly Lynn

  4. I would like to purchase your most expensive piece
    for less than you could ever…think. A frend of
    P.Djordjevic. Haught Couture of Yugoslavia. 602-267-8121

  5. Hi,

    Beautiful work! MY wife and I love the stainless steel tree (first picture).

    Can you please provide price information and delivery timeframe to Pasadena, CA?

    Thank you,

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