Bronze Baby
Bronze Baby Sculpture
“WooBlue Baby”, Ceramic 


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7 thoughts on “Sculpture

  1. Hello,

    Do you have prints like the girl on the bike that are bigger, like 90 x 60? Also, how much is the wall sculpture that lights up?



  2. I have acquired a stainless steel kinetic art piece from Scottsdale, AZ. I consists of four rotating stainless kinetic pieces held up by three arms mounted in a gray piece of granite. It is metal stamped stillman 92. Would you have any information on the artist?

    • Hi, it is not mine, but the is an AZ sculptor named Bruce Stillman, coincedently my dads name, I think out of Sedona. That might him. Should find him easily with google, good luck and congrads! I’m working with stainless for the 1st time now as it happens, 3 new versions of Evolution of Flora. Thanks for writing -Jason

  3. I made my first steal sculpture. I just learned to weld. I need to figure out how to make one piece move. Since I didn’t know how I made it with a screw and nut, but ofcourse the threads make it not spin freely.
    Can you make any suggestions as to how I can make it spin freely in the wind?
    PS I like your metal work.

  4. If you haven’t thought about it yet, I really think your sculptures would be a huge hit a ArtPrize (Grand Rapids MI, two weeks Sept and Oct) …public votes for main prize…actually any of your work would do well. But have found the public tends to like the larger scale stuff. First prize is 250,000$, awarded by public vote. I see they have added some juried awards as well this year. Just a thought….

  5. Hi my name is james and I have 4 amazing sculptures that I have been fortunate to have found over the years , I would love to know if you are the j stillman that has created this fantastic pics of art ? If so I would like very much to see if you would be able to give me some information about them ?
    Here are 4 pictures😊👑

    Thanks for your time. Love you work it’s awesome😆

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