Indoor Sculpture Commissioned for Private Residence

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This piece was completed in the spring of 2012, and installed inside the South Beach FL home of Mr. Eyal Lalo, CEO of Invicta Watch Co. The entire sculpture was hand formed and fabricated from 304 stainless steel, and polished to a mirror finish. The piece stands approximately 16-17ft tall, and is 14-15ft wide. As seen from the images, the sculpture begins on the 1st floor and passes through an opening, approx. 12.5ft wide by 1.5ft deep in the 11ft ceiling above. The uppermost branches of the sculpture emerge into the second level in the space opposite the dinning room and can be viewed above, and as you move up, the glass and stainless steel staircase.

Evolution of Flora Collection

Title: Evolution of Flora Collection
Media: Stainless Steel Kinetic Sculpture (Wind)
Approx. Heights: 8.5, 9.5, & 10.5 ft
Commissioned for installation at Belle Gray Farm, VA

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Title: Farming Flora
Media: Steel, Chain, Rotary Hoes
Approx. Heights: 10 ft
Commissioned for installation at Belle Gray Farm, VA

Painting on set of ABC’s Modern Family

Below is a preview of the jacket for the band Chozpare├», from Montpellier France. They are currently recording their 4th album and asked to use “The Diving Lesson” as part of the jacket image.

New Works in 2 New Series

Recent Work

"Entitled & Abandoned"

"Entitled & Abandoned"

"Coney Island Girl #2", (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #2", (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #1" (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #1" (Sold)

“Girl Series”

"Emerging Artist Rocket Ride"

“Emerging Artist Rocket Ride” (Sold)

"Starlite Beach #2" Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x17"

“Starlite Beach #2” (Sold)

"Georgia Girl"

“Georgia Girl” (Sold)

"Starlite Beach"

“Starlite Beach” (Sold)

"Desert Pool"

“Desert Pool” (Sold)

"The Wait"

“The Wait” (Sold)

"Downtown Girl"

“Downtown Girl” (Sold)

"Tijuana Girl"

“Tijuana Girl” (Sold)

"West Hollywood Girl"

“West Hollywood Girl” (Sold)


“Diving Lesson”, 15″x 18.25″, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

Mass Transit, 38″x 48″x 1.5″, Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

“Untitled”, 18″x 27″x 1.5″, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)