Evolution of Flora Collection

Title: Evolution of Flora Collection
Media: Stainless Steel Kinetic Sculpture (Wind)
Approx. Heights: 8.5, 9.5, & 10.5 ft
Commissioned for installation at Belle Gray Farm, VA

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Title: Farming Flora
Media: Steel, Chain, Rotary Hoes
Approx. Heights: 10 ft
Commissioned for installation at Belle Gray Farm, VA

Painting on set of ABC’s Modern Family

Below is a preview of the jacket for the band Chozpareï, from Montpellier France. They are currently recording their 4th album and asked to use “The Diving Lesson” as part of the jacket image.

New Works in 2 New Series

“The Evolution of Flora” Colorado Springs, “Art on the Streets” Exhibition

“The Evolution of Flora” is an original kinetic steel sculpture. It was installed in front of the Performance Arts Center in downtown Colorado Springs in June 2009, as part of the cities 11th Annual Art on the Streets Exhibition and Competition. The milestone event boasted its largest number of entries and its highest caliber of artwork to date, hosting Artist from  across the country and abroad. Participating for the 1st time and the only out-of-state artwork to place, “The Evolution of Flora” was proud to received the competition’s 3rd prize and 5k award.

“The Evolution of Flora” has since been purchased by Colorado Springs’ Performance Arts Center, where it continues to reside.

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Recent Work

"Entitled & Abandoned"

"Entitled & Abandoned"

"Coney Island Girl #2", (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #2", (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #1" (Sold)

"Coney Island Girl #1" (Sold)

“Girl Series”

"Emerging Artist Rocket Ride"

“Emerging Artist Rocket Ride” (Sold)

"Starlite Beach #2" Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x17"

“Starlite Beach #2” (Sold)

"Georgia Girl"

“Georgia Girl” (Sold)

"Starlite Beach"

“Starlite Beach” (Sold)

"Desert Pool"

“Desert Pool” (Sold)

"The Wait"

“The Wait” (Sold)

"Downtown Girl"

“Downtown Girl” (Sold)

"Tijuana Girl"

“Tijuana Girl” (Sold)

"West Hollywood Girl"

“West Hollywood Girl” (Sold)


“Diving Lesson”, 15″x 18.25″, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

Mass Transit, 38″x 48″x 1.5″, Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)

“Untitled”, 18″x 27″x 1.5″, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas (Sold)